The patent describing the details of the TR-1 was one of several issued to Regency's Richard C. Koch. The patent's four pages are best viewed and printed using the following PDF document. The original JPEG files used to create the PDF document are also included below.

Regency TR-1 patent #2,892,931 titled "Transistor Radio Apparatus":
2.1 Mb PDF document.

individual JPEG images:

PAGE 1 General description and legal jargon.

PAGE 2 Includes list of most components and electrical values.

PAGE 3 Circuit diagram 1 of 2

PAGE 4 Circuit diagram 2 of 2

Dick Koch also released a second related Regency patent during the same time period: #2,880,312, titled "Transistor Oscillator-Mixer with Received and Local Oscillations Applied between Emitter and Base."


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