The following collection of Regency factory photos & images are from the Pies and Tudor Family archives, and were collected between 1951 and 2012

1951 - Architect rendering of proposed new 50,000 sq ft Regency facility

1953 - John Pies photos

The factory building shown in this 1953 photo was completed in 1952 (land purchased in 1950), and was the fourth and final location for I.D.E.A./Regency. The original building wall color was light green and the window awnings were dark green. The original I.D.E.A. INC letters are barely visible above the front door.

The factory address was 7900 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, Indiana. The 2012 aerial photo at the bottom of this web page shows that the factory building was not actually located directly on Pendleton Pike. In the early years, the factory was accessed by an unnamed dirt road, which was paved and named Bragdon Street sometime after 1955. Starting in the 1960s, Regency's street address was sometimes given as Records Street, which can be seen in the upper-right corner of the 2012 aerial photo.


Inside the factory - 1953. John Pies' personal Jeep can be seen through the window on the left & as he heads off to work from his Franklin Rd home in the photo to the right.


STEREO picture from inside the factory - 1953. Use the arrows to help bring the images together to view in 3D.

1955 - John Pies photo

The original I.D.E.A. INC letters are more visible in this 1955 photo. The letters were removed when the company changed its name to Regency Electronics in 1961, and are now preserved in Joe Weaver's Regency artifact collection at the Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation.

after 1955 - Ed Tudor photo

This very faded photo was taken after 1955...the exact date is unknown. Comparing it to the previous '55 photo, the street sign at the intersection of Bragdon and Plummer Streets has been added and Bragdon St is now paved.


Transition period after I.D.E.A. became Regency Electronics

After the I.D.E.A. became Regency Electronics in 1961, the company name was removed from above the front door. Although the early 1960s brochure on the left and the cover of the 1964 annual report on the right show the name "Regency", the company script logo was added to the printed material only, and was not actually scribed on the building itself. If you look carefully, the brochure does not show the crown and the annual report does show it; and the word Regency is not located at the same place above the door between the photos. Also, the tail of the letter "g" on the right photo is shown covering the fascia board of the door cover...oops! It is not know why the revised company name was left off the corporate building immediately after the company became "Regency Electronics".


1972 - Alice Pies photos

During an Indianapolis visit in 1972, these two photos were taken by John's wife, Alice. The original light green color from the 1950s remains, but the window awnings were changed from the original dark green to a light color. The company's name "Regency Electronics, INC." now shows above the front door in these photos...good grief, what an ugly sign.

1990 - Don Pies photos

Numerous changes were made between 1972 and 1990 - the color scheme was completely changed and an office expansion addition was added to the right side of the original building, as seen in these two photos. Comparing the above photo with the 1953-72 photos, all downstairs windows to the left of the original front door have been blocked-off, and the cover above the door has been removed. The photo below shows that the front door has been moved to the new addition; and a transistor schematic symbol and the script Regency/crown logo have been painted on the walls.

2012 - Clay Tudor, son of Regency President Ed Tudor

Regency was purchased by Relm Communications Inc (now Relm Wireless) around 1989; which is headquartered in West Melbourne, Florida in 2012. The Google supplied aerial photo on the left shows the actual location of the original Regency factory building, which is set back from Pendleton Pike.

In 2012, Clay Tudor's associate, Andrew Kuby, shot the two photos of the original Regency factory building shown below. All windows and doors have been upgraded, and the original brick facade by the front door still exists. The business name on the building is Roberts Glass & Service, Inc. The brick building expansion shown in the 1990 photos now displays the company name SAIC.



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